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Rather than the standard bio, the CANHEIT 2017 team has decided to opt for a different way to describe ourselves – the party game standard of “Two Truths and a Lie.” If you want to find out more about us, most of us are on LinkedIn, or you can always do a site-restricted search within the domain for more information about us. We’re competent, we promise.

Do you think you know what the lie is? Track us down at CANHEIT and find out for yourself!

Bo Wandschneider – Executive Sponsor

Bo Wandschneider
  1. I still play with model trains
  2. I speak fluent Dutch
  3. I have done 5 separate canoe trips into the Hudson's Bay Watershed

Stephen Hunt – Chair, CANHEIT 2017 Steering Committee

Stephen Hunt
  1. I once sang the voice of Audrey II, the plant, in a production of “Little Shop of Horrors".
  2. A young Justin Trudeau spent 3 days at the summer camp I was directing.
  3. While flying an airplane I got lost trying to find London, Ontario.

Curtis Ireland – Chair, Program Working Group

Curtis Ireland
  1. I won an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in University
  2. I graduated from High School 0.16% away from honours
  3. My wife and I got married in Niagara Falls

Keith McWhirter – Chair, Sponsorship Working Group

Keith McWhirter
  1. My first open-water scuba dive was in a quarry where we investigated the wreck of a Pontiac Trans-Am.
  2. I ate a 55 ounce cheeseburger as part of a “if you can finish it, its free” campaign at a diner in North Carolina. I won, or lost, depending how you look at it.
  3. I began my career in HigherEd IT by selling socks at a men’s clothing store.

Mike Brean – Chair, Logistics Working Group

Mike Brean
  1. When I was 8 and at one of my brother’s hockey tournaments, I wandered around the hotel’s restaurant during breakfast and starting talking with a man sitting by himself at a table. Turns out it was Walter Gretzky.
  2. To honour a bet I lost to my first cousin, I had to name my firstborn son “Beetlebaum”. Only my cousin and my wife know the truth, and the world thinks we named him “Barry.”
  3. When I transitioned from working at home to working at Queen’s, I lost over 30 pounds in six months due to all the additional going up and down stairs to help faculty with technical issues.

Brad Barbeau – Chair, Social Working Group

Brad Barbeau
  1. While I studied Computer Science at Queen's, by the time I started to figure out what it was, I decided I'd rather take music so I moved over to that. I'm still not sure what Comp Sci was all about.
  2. I'm into modern, minimalist interiors - less is more! And white walls, I love white!
  3. I met my wife when I got on the bus in grade one. She didn't like me much until high school, and possibly even less now!

Stacey Boulton – Chair, Volunteer Working Group

Stacey Boulton
  1. I sometimes google Google to get to Google.
  2. I realized I was an evidential medium at age 11 when I spoke to my first dead person that nobody else at the dinner table could hear.
  3. I had aspirations of being a detective until I unknowingly introduced myself to the band of robbers in my home. My roommates were not throwing a party.

Matt Shepherd – Chair, Communications Working Group

Matt Shepherd
  1. My father was an in-car Driver’s Ed instructor in Northern Ontario in the early 1970s when he found God, and we all moved to Kingston so he could become a minister after studying at Queen’s Theological College.
  2. The only award I have ever won in my entire life is a trophy from the Williamstown Fair in 1983, for a home-made costume I put together the night before for their costumer contest. The trophy is for “Best Sea Monster.”
  3. In university in the mid-‘90s, I played keyboards and operated the drum machine for a short-lived synthpop/industrial band called 87 Wolves. We played two shows and were planning to put out a 7” but broke up due to ‘creative differences’.

Jonathan Facun – Co-Chair, Technology Working Group

Jonathan Facun
  1. I was a rugby player in high school and dislocated many moving parts
  2. As an employee of Dell and Microsoft contracts at various call centers I was a tech on a lot of pilot projects that a lot of call-center techs use these days
  3. When I was a pre-teen I was selected to participate in a Nintendo competition where I was in the final with a guy who actually used the “Game Glove”

Ted Girard – Co-Chair, Technology Working Group

Ted Girard
  1. When he was a ship steward, my great-grandfather once got drunk, slept in, and missed his ship departure. It was the Titanic.
  2. When I was a kid, I owned a camel.
  3. When the actor and understudy did not show for our high-school production of Oklahoma, I, as script supervisor, knew the lines to Cord Elam, Rancher, so I was asked to fill in. I was terrible.

Jennifer Clark – Project Manager

Jennifer Clark
  1. In high school I ironically rode 1 hour to school on a short bus with all the gifted kids which would later win my team points in an epic scavenger hunt held by a now defunct Lily Herchimer Social Club during my first year living in Kingston.
  2. I have a twin sister who married her grade school sweetheart, lives in deep south USA, is a geophysicist and lovingly refers to me as 'spare parts'.
  3. When I was 15, I was one of four Ontarians selected to compete in the Young Canadians Grandstand Show at the 1993 Calgary Stampede. It was epic.
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